2017 Spring Update

Poor neglected blog…these days, I’m spending less time writing and more time teaching and lecturing with Los Angeles-based non-profit Maternal Mental Health Now (MMHN). I continue to sit on the MMHN Governing Council, advocating for screening and treatment for new parents across LA County. Six years into sitting on the Governing Council for MMHN, and it’s really encouraging […]

Dear Dads, on Father’s Day

Dear Dads, I want to say I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that your mental health is often overlooked in the chaos of new parenthood. I’m sorry you are pushed aside in the hospital, I’m sorry you aren’t screened for any mental health concerns, aren’t taught how to transition to new fatherhood, aren’t even LOOKED at […]

Life After Baby: Managing the Scoreboard

New parents commonly find themselves keeping score on daily tasks such as diapering, waking with the baby and bath time. Pointing fingers, making accusations, and ‘you’ statements often cause turmoil in a way that disrupts the easy flow of communication and co-parenting. Why does scorekeeping happen? Keeping score on the numerous tasks that it takes […]

Life After Baby: Transitioning with The Triumvirate

An expectant dad recently asked during a lecture if life after baby is as difficult as often portrayed in this column. I clarified for him – by all means, there’s great joy too! But yes, there are the obvious troublesome moments in the transition to becoming a parent like adjusting to sleep deprivation and the […]

Life After Baby: What’s Attachment?

Have you heard the term attachment bandied about by your pediatrician or other providers and wondered, “What do they mean by that?” Attachment refers to the bond between caregiver and child, and was a term originally referenced and used by psychologists John Bowlby, MD (1907 -1990) and Mary Ainsworth, PhD (1913 – 1999) in the […]

Life After Baby: The Story of Falling In Love Again

n the early days of relationships, we put our best face forward. We search for, find, then cultivate a significant other who often makes us feel whole in some core way. We’re naturally drawn to those people who have characteristics we admire, traits that we don’t find in ourselves. Over the natural course of a […]

Life After Baby: Ready, Set, Fight!

One of the keys to building a strong and lasting relationship is developing methods to successfully resolve conflict. This can require much time and hard work over many years. However, when couples have children, they often have less time and energy to devote to healthy conflict resolution, and simultaneously experience feelings of guilt or shame […]

Life After Baby: Using Mindfulness to Enjoy the Moment

We managed to go out to dinner last night,” one mom recently recounted, “but I couldn’t stop thinking of all the things I have to do!  It kills me that I went to the trouble to arrange for a babysitter so my husband and I could spend some time alone, and all I could think […]

Sleep Versus Sex

t’s a familiar scene: both new parents sink gratefully into haven’t-been-changed-in-forever bed sheets after a long day. There’s maybe two or three hours before the rousing cry of their newborn or infant shatters the momentary silence. One parent looks at the clock, then at the prone body still sleeping on the other side of the […]

Writer’s Block

You know it well. That moment in front of the computer, hands poised on the keys, preparation for the first sentence, the first moment of a new story, that re-write on an article, script, play. And then nothing. No inspiration, no words, no flow. Writer’s block. One of the most frustrating component of a creative […]