How do you choose a therapist?

It can be a difficult decision to pick the right person with whom you may disclose personal and private details of your life. I approach my clients as the experts on their own lives and attempt to provide a bit of a mirror in order to create new perspective. I don’t judge and I don’t give advice. I do, however, use the tools and training in my arsenal to shine a spotlight on whatever you may be struggling with at this moment. Whether we’re exploring the self-talk element of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to combat your anxiety, using EMDR Therapy to process a trauma, or examining the way in which your upbringing may influence and shape the dynamics in your current relationship, ultimately you are in charge of the direction of your therapy, and I will never force or pressure you into discussing anything that you are not comfortable sharing, within the limits of confidentiality.

What does therapy with you cost? Do you take insurance?

Generally, I discuss fees when we first connect as I do have a limited number of slots for sliding scale clients. Sliding scale is linked to specific times slots and days. I do not take insurance directly but I have a NPI (national provider information) number which permits me to be an out-of-network provider for most insurance companies. I am always able to provide paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How is payment handled? Can I pay by credit card?

Payment is due at the beginning of every session. At this time, I accept payment by cash or check or online via PayPal. Please note there is a $50 surcharge for bounced or canceled checks.

What happens when I meet with you?

When we decide to meet, I will send you an email with the preliminary paperwork and information. At our first session together, we will discuss what brought you in to meet me and go over paperwork and guidelines such as the limits of confidentiality, HIPPA and office policies – this is to make sure you understand just how seriously I take your privacy and protection. We will then spend a bit of time exploring your history and generally getting comfortable with each other to see if we are a good fit.

What if we’re NOT a ‘good fit’?

If for some reason it seems like you have an issue or concern that’s outside of my area of expertise, I will provide you with referrals to someone who has more training on your particular issue. If for some reason, you just don’t feel like you’re going to be comfortable talking to me or my style of therapy doesn’t feel right, I will also provide you with appropriate referrals. It’s so important to feel the right chemistry with a therapist, and I do my best to honor that.

OK, sounds good, what now?

Give me a call at (213) 359-2970 or email me at therapy (at) elysespringer.com and we will find a time to meet.

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