Postpartum Support Groups



Postpartum Support Groups for new moms and dads are run throughout the year, please contact me for current openings and availability.

Did you know that depression is not necessarily one of the first symptoms to appear in a postpartum mood disorder? That just not feeling like your old self, irritability, anger and anxiety can be the beginning symptoms of something more than just the typical ‘baby blues’ for new moms?

New parents might figure their primary care provider will know if there is something wrong with them, or assume dark feelings are a normal adjustment to being a parent in the weeks following a new baby, particularly with sleeplessness. Except anything two weeks after the baby is born differentiates “baby blues” from a potential perinatal (aka postpartum) mood disorder. And postpartum depression or anxiety for mom can be diagnosed all the way up through the end of the first year. Some moms torment themselves with shame, guilt, and feeling like they are doing this whole ‘mom thing’ wrong. But dark feelings don’t mean you are a bad mom, they’re usually a symptom something else might be going on.

And although 14% of all new dads experience some types of symptoms of paternal depression, including acting out behavior, irritability, anger and an overwhelming sense of pressure and responsibility, there’s even less awareness and support then there is for new moms who suffer.


When: Groups are run on Sundays, six week commitment required
Where: Silver Lake
Who: New moms or dads with postpartum concerns (little ones stay home)
Cost: $20 per session
Contact Facilitator: Elyse Springer, MA MFT, 213-359-2970
Lic. 48196
Member – LA County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force

Postpartum Support International Certified.
Postpartum Support International Certificate of Completion